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The Hiranya Mandala School of Yoga Integration and Meditation's mission and personality are defined fully:

It’s not enough to learn the theories of Yoga, only, but it is more important to integrate these, into one’s daily life, practically.

Human beings have a trifold nature: material, mental, and spiritual. In order to achieve balance, these aspects of being should be developed, uniformly, in order to avoid over-sided development. We can then sow the seeds of spiritual growth in the fertile soil of our minds, and reap a rich harvest of well-being and bliss (anandam).

By achieving the aforementioned balance in our lives, the attainment of well-being comes spontaneously. According to the Great Ones, all suffering is borne of the contact of the five senses with their sense objects, and the subsequent attachment to the objects in question. We propose, by the practice of the aforementioned yogic techniques, to create an energetic impetus toward the inner world of Spirit, whence healing and transformation come, spontaneously. The “yogi practitioners”, having experienced the superior joy that comes as a result of accessing that inner world, can then compare the lasting happiness - borne of the contact with Spirit - with the evanescent pleasures of the senses, and so make the changes necessary in order to perpetuate that joy in their lives; achieve the fourfold aims; uplift those around them, and by extension, help to harmonise the community, and the world at large.

The enervating energies of the material world can be detrimental to the well-being that we are striving to attain. To create a loving and supportive environment in which the “yogi practitioners” can come together, practice, and uplift one another, is an important part of the spiritual path, and helps us to sustain, and reinforce the efforts made in our spiritual practices (sadhana). 

The following keywords describe the personality of the Hiranya Mandala School of Yoga Integration and Meditation:

The Hiranya Mandala School of Yoga Integration and Meditation is aligned to serving (seva) people by creating access to the scientific methods of meditation, as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda Giri; the creation of innovative educational courses, based on the Vedic sciences, of India, that help to expand the minds of those who are serious about their spiritual life, spherically, and so that they may serve, in the world, in turn.

We serve the public with energy, enthusiasm and positivity. We work tirelessly to produce a high-quality level of service. Paramhansa Yogananda always emphasised the need to smile. He said, “Be a smile millionaire.” We serve people with smiles on our faces; sincerity, and with a genuine interest in our hearts.

Those who work at the Hiranya Mandala School are living what they teach! This is of vital importance. The Sanskrta word non-hypocrisy (arjavam) brings this quality into focus. One cannot be a councillor and live a desultory life, simultaneously. Through the regular, systematic, and disciplined practices of Yoga, and through the physical, mental and spiritual benefits that these practices engender, the “yogi practitioner” becomes better equipped to teach and guide others, toward an understanding of the subtleties and intricacies of spiritual life.

We are at the service of the student, always, as he/she progresses in an understanding of the teachings of Yoga. We also provide post-education support that helps the student to continue with his/her practices, uninterruptedly. No student is ever turned away!

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